Side Projects

I’ve been thinking up tweaks and minor add-ons for my blog lately, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it has something to do with me being more secure in my coding prowess, and confident that, given enough time and resources, I could pull some of these ideas off. Or maybe it has to do with the analytical nature of my data warehousing gig. At any rate, I keep scribbling more blog enhancement ideas into my Moleskine and letting them filter through into my Action Items list for the ongoing project of my website.

Until today. Today’s idea was so I-Can-Do-This that I wanted to try it RIGHT NOW. It killed me to have to wait until I home from work to try it out. All it consisted of was a list of Most Visited Sites on my blog, as determined by Google Analytics.

The verdict? It’ll take a little reading up and a little experimentation (especially with authentication), but I can definitely do this. I might even make a little graph to go along with. It’ll be fun!

I’m not kidding myself: I know this is a simple thing that could be done in a day’s work, if tweaking my blog were my full-time job. But, considering that a.) javascript is but one language I know kinda-sorta; and b.) I’ll be doing this when I have time in the evenings, I think I’ll be able to puzzle this out and get it live sooner rather than later.

Is it a major necessity for the site? No, not really. But it’ll be fun to prove to myself that I can do it.