First Night in Chicago

Showing up at Giordano’s in our shorts and t-shirts with my camera bag in tow must have stamped us as tourists. I certainly felt much less urban-chic than the woman in 3-inch heels and a short cocktail dress, balancing a kid on one hip.

At any rate, when we asked for a box for the last half of our medium pizza, she asked if we were in a hotel and would need plates, forks, Parmesan. Even though our room in the Hilton has no refrigerator (but does have a minibar we won’t be using), we accepted all the accoutrements and brought our leftovers back to the hotel.

Our trip is pretty freeform; we don’t have a strict agenda. Our immediate plans include getting a 3-day pass for the local rail/bus system, then heading north to Ann Sathers to get some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Thanks, Food Network!

Expect more tweets, posts, and pics as the weekend progresses…