Second Night in Chicago

After a morning at Ann Sather’s for breakfast and a stroll around Navy Pier, we spent the afternoon atop a double-decker tour bus, seeing the sights of downtown. We then took the West Neighboorhood tour (included in the price!) and stopped off for a walk through Chinatown.

By the time we hitched the next tour bus back to Millennium Park and walked back to the hotel, it was dinnertime. Our first attempt was the Dearborn Street Oyster Bar; alas, when we arrived, it seemed to have been closed for some time.

Our second choice was the Ethiopian Diamond, which we didn’t realize was 18 stops up the Red Line. Despite the drunks on the way out and the panhandler on the way back, it was definitely worth the trip. Delicious food, helpful waitstaff, and upscale ambiance that still didn’t make us feel underdressed. This was our first experience with Ethiopian food, but it certainly won’t be our last.

When we returned to the hotel, we enjoyed some Guinness chocolate cake, some adult beverages, and some live Irish music before turning in for the night.

What a fantastic first day in Chicago!

We still need to eat Chicago hot dogs and Italian beef, check out the Skydeck at Willis Tower (or maybe the John Hancock building instead), and hit Mitsuwa tomorrow on our way out. Not sure what’s on today’s agenda, but we’ll figure it out.