Wii Fit Revisited

I bought the first Wii Fit game and balance board back in May 2008. I used it for a while, but eventually got tired of not having the option of doing an entire workout — just individual exercises, one at a time, even when the game suggests several specific exercises to do together. (“Is that a yoga pose or a strength exercise that it thinks I should do next? It doesn’t say…”)

Today, I picked up Wii Fit Plus for $19.99 — not a bad price for a new game! Despite the “Plus” moniker, which might suggest you need Wii Motion Plus to play, it seems to only require the normal balance board (as far as I can tell). So far, I’ve only had it re-weigh me (I’ve gained six pounds since the last time I played, earlier this year), so I can’t speak to the game’s new features (including customizable workout routines), but you can bet I’ll be talking about them later.

What was particularly fun, though, was getting Aaron back on the balance board. I made him get on it back in May of last year, to record his weight and input his info, and he hasn’t touched it since. It’s been 508 days, and he’s lost over 67 pounds:

down 67.5 pounds!

It took his Mii from looking like a Weeble-Wobble to looking like a normal, cute, superdeformed Aaron. Awesome!

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  1. I’ve heard Wii it’s pretty good for fitness – better than DVDs anyway. I have read on www.projectweightloss.com Stephen Moyer (aka Bill Compton in “True Blood”) has an affinity for Wii consoles and he was seen at a Wii fitness event, really interested in a new cardio fitness game, Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout. He must be a role model for vampires. :)) Well, he looks in shape; if Wii’s the solution, I’ll buy one too.