I find it oddly hilarious that I had been planning to write a blog entry about setting priorities for myself, but now I find that I’d rather go play a game than write a blog entry. Priorities, indeed.

Very well, then, the short version:

  • I feel happier in a clean house. Therefore, daily cleaning should be a priority for me.
  • I feel healthier and more energetic when I eat well and exercise. Therefore, I should plan my meals carefully and exercise daily.
  • I love my husband and want him to be happy. Therefore, I should be present in every moment I’m with him, and think of things that will make him happy when I can’t be with him.

There are so many other things I want to be sure to prioritize, like keeping in touch with friends and family (outside of Facebook, whenever possible), and improving my photography, and editing together old video memories, and researching my genealogy, and writing, and on and on. It’s far too easy to let the priority list become a to-do list, though, and that’s what I’m trying to get away from.

I think that the closer I can get to a very Zen, minimalist lifestyle (which is not to say dry and boring, but simple and focused), the happier I’ll be in general.