Taking Stock

Every year, in early January, I post an entry about what’s gone on in the past year. Major life events, vacations, tragedies, what have you. This year, I’m planning to do things a little differently, and present a Feltron-esque display of charts and graphs and visuals to sum up 2009. Seems only natural, being that I’ve been working in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing for the past two years, and reporting is what I do.

Reporting on one’s own life can be a strange and tedious thing, depending on how OCD one is with oneself. Since I’ve been tracking my weight on either a daily or weekly basis for the past seven years or so, in the same Excel spreadsheet, I thought I’d go for the “low-hanging fruit,” as they say, and create a simple graph of my average weight by month:

Weight Graph

Granted, December is far from over, but still. This graph isn’t pretty — or, rather, the data it’s showing isn’t pretty. (Whether it’s aesthetically pleasing enough is beside the point at the moment.)

This isn’t a plateau. It’s worse.

I have three weeks to get my average December weight down below where it’s currently hovering. We’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping to revise this graph for the better for inclusion in my official year-end retrospective.