So Help Me Flying Spaghetti Monster

If Agnostics had a holiday...

Image by Dante Shepherd at Surviving the World.
(Brought to my attention via Jesse Galef at Friendly Atheist.)

Not only is it disappointing that there is only one openly nontheistic representative in Congress, but it’s amazing that there are laws in several states prohibiting nontheists from holding public office.

It’s also disappointing that there are “closeted” atheists in public office, both in Congress and (likely) around the nation. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many atheist public servants would be voted out of office by their Christian constituents, just like many atheists who “come out” to their families are shunned or disowned (not me, thank goodness — my Mom is loving and understanding, if confused by my lack of belief).

I look forward to the day when believers and nonbelievers alike can get past their personal beliefs and coexist openly in society, without fear of discrimination or prejudice.