2009 Year in Review

Percentage of Miles Walked
Dining Out
Average Weight
Flickr Photos by Camera
Flickr Photos by Location and Month
Top Ten Musical Artists


This presentation of annual data is highly influenced by the Feltron Annual Reports. Nicholas Felton is a master of infographics and data visualization, and I continue to be influenced by his work.

Percentage of Miles Walked in 2009 only includes data from 27 April 2009 forward, since that is the date on which my Omron HJ-720ITC Pocket Pedometer decided to un-lobotomize itself and synchronize to my computer again.

Dining Out in 2009 is missing some of September’s and most of October’s data, due to my ignorance of the fact that Weight Watchers Online only saves 60 days’ worth of tracking data. I switched from pen-and-paper tracking to eTools tracking after 27 September 2009.

Top Ten Musical Artists of 2009 is derived from data at last.fm/user/dianaschnuth.

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  1. Just thought of another stat I should have mentioned: longest span between sick days.

    Including 2 weeks’ vacation: 7 weeks, 3 days.
    Runner-up: 5 weeks, 3 days.

    Goal this year: never less than six weeks between sick days. Man, that’s a lame goal to have to set, but there you have it.

    Start counting at my half-day for the dentist on Jan 8th.