Lain Figurine

Lain Figurine
[Taken on 14 Jan 2010 | 1/60sec @ f/6.3 | ISO 800 | 200mm | off-camera flash, bounced]

Serial Experiments Lain was one of the first anime series Aaron got me to watch, over ten years ago now. If you’re into anime or sci-fi, especially thought-provoking (or even mind-fucking) plots and universes, you owe it to yourself to watch it through. It’s only 13 episodes, so it’s not a huge time investment, but the experience is worth it.

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  1. I love how you fade out the background. Put this on the list of things I want you to show me when I come visit.(I do better being shown as aposed to told how to do something)

    The figurine has great detale and the portrait of it shows it vary well. great pic!!

    I can see why you are so happy to get the new lighting system it is great.

  2. Narrow depth of field isn’t hard; I’ll show you on your camera when you come to visit!

    And I actually didn’t use my new lighting rig for this one – I just bounced the flash off of the ceiling! I did have the flash attached to the side of the camera instead of the top, though, with a bracket that screws into the tripod mount.