Engrish In My Neighborhood

Doesn’t it figure? We go all the way to Japan — twice — and only see the occasional notable bit of Engrish. Go to the Asian market just down the street, and in one trip, we come up with Engrish comedy gold.

Well, truth be told, the “soya bean crud” wasn’t truly Engrish.

bean crud

(It also wasn’t stuck to the roof of the cooler; it was upside-down in the cooler, so I flipped the image so it could be more easily read, rather than opening the cooler and turning the bean curd right-side up at the time.)

Although my reading skills have gotten rusty in the months since our last Japan trip, I still find myself able to decode a few things, like biru, or beer:

With Beer!

Finally, we saw these tasty plum candies:

Plum In Love

We didn’t buy any of these items; our mission was squid jerky, and we accomplished said mission, along with some azuki beans (aka red beans). The cashier seemed perplexed when she asked, “Ah, making sauce?” and I answered that I didn’t know what I’d be making with them. I’m still not entirely sure what my plans for them are, but I’ll come up with something oishii enough.