Snowmageddon 2010

Downtown Toledo

It doesn’t compare to Washington D.C. and surrounding areas, but this is what downtown Toledo looked like after a full day of snow.

My employer let us all go home 45 minutes early today, “in the interest of personal safety,” and I think that anyone who has the option is going to be working from home tomorrow. Not me, though; I don’t have a work laptop. In the (highly unlikely) event that the plow comes down my street tonight, I’ll make the slog in to work tomorrow morning. If not, I’ll take the hit with a personal day, or just hope that my employer decides to call a snow day.

Lucas County is at a Level 2 Snow Emergency right now: “Only people with a real and important need to be out on the roads and streets should do so.” Not sure if that will a.) hold until morning, and/or b.) convince my employer that we should all stay home.

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  1. I wondered about your street when it snowed like that…luckily over here our streets get plowed all day long. But being on a dead end street you don’t have such luck.