New Glasses… Finally.

It’s been literally four years since I got new glasses. …Actually, it’s been longer than that: I was wearing my most recent pair of glasses at Aaron’s 30th birthday party, back in November 2004.

No wonder the new glasses are giving me issues.

New GlassesI’ve been wearing wire frames for so long — since I forsook my contacts back in college — that I’d forgotten what it was like to have solid plastic frames sitting on my nose, rather than just tiny nosepads. My run yesterday did not go well partially because of this. I will apparently need to invest in a sports band for my glasses (and not just for ziplining in Mexico on vacation).

Perhaps since these glasses have a wider field of view than my last pair, I’m having trouble adjusting my eyes/brain to the new input. When I look off-axis at someone or something, or when I turn my head too fast, I get slightly nauseous and headachy, like I’m trying to read in a moving car. I’m really hoping this goes away as I acclimate to the new glasses. I also hope that acclimating to the new glasses doesn’t throw me off when I wear my new prescription sunglasses (which I tried on first, and which suited me just fine right out of the gate).

I do like the added contrast they add to my face overall, and I feel like they do the desired job of slimming my face and balancing out my features. I know that these might not last as long as my classic wire-frames did, stylistically speaking, and that I’ll very likely look at photos of myself in ten years and wonder why I opted to go so trendy. It happens with every decade, though — just look at my ’90s glasses. Yikes.