Funny how all it takes is one little query to get my genealogy-itch going again.

I recently got an e-mail from a previously-unknown cousin on my Memaw’s side of the family — my second cousin once removed, actually — giving me a piece of the Mickler family puzzle I hadn’t known before. This bit of information (that my great-grandfather was murdered, and that my Granny was a widow) spurred a week-long flurry of genealogical research on my part, culminating with my splurging on a month of access.

I need to beware of losing focus, though: I have a tendency to just go searching online willy-nilly, instead of looking for a particular event or answering a particular question about a person or family. That’s when I burn out quickly, instead of maintaining my interest.

Another genealogy cousin of mine once said, back when I was in college and just getting into genealogy on my own, that I would understand in time how people get into and out of doing genealogy, and how the interest can ebb and flow. I do understand now, completely, and I’m taking full advantage of the genealogy bug having bitten for the moment.