Aiming High

When I decided last week that I’d be pushing toward my 10% milestone for this week’s weigh-in, I failed to factor in the Fourth of July.

Good thing, too — I wonder how much I would have gained if I hadn’t? As it is, I’m up 0.2 pounds from last week, which is fine by me.

Even before the Fourth, though, I’d gained a little back of what I’d lost so far. I think it has to do with white rice, especially when served with Mediterranean or Indian food. Either my body doesn’t process it well, or I don’t estimate the serving size well, or both. I guess I’ll be shying away from the rice for a while.

On Sunday, Aaron’s uncle grilled some chicken and German natural casing hot dogs and cheeseburgers, served with baked beans and mustard potato salad (vegan, with jalapeños) and salad and fruit. Ice cream in waffle bowls or cones for dessert. Overall, I ate about 50 Points worth. My normal daily allowance is 25, but I also have 35 Weekly Allowance (aka “Flex”) Points to play with.

So, last week was practice. This week, I’ll be doing the same thing (minus the Sunday extravagance, of course): not eating any of my Flex Points, running three nights a week, only having one sweet treat in the evenings (even though they’re low-cal), and maxing out my fruits and veggies. In addition to that, I’ll be eschewing white rice this weekend — excepting, perhaps, stuffed grape leaves and/or sushi.

Next weekend, there’s nothing fancy going on. In upcoming weekends, I’ll be in New York City; Ann Arbor, MI; enjoying a couple of local ethnic festivals (the International Festival and the Festival of India); and maybe visiting friends out of town.

While I’m not going to eat boring this week by any means, I’m definitely going to avoid unnecessary splurges… so I can splurge when warranted, later on.