Reader Roll-Call?

So, who reads this thing on a regular basis, anyway?

Most of my hits come from Google, not regular readers. So, I guess I’m just curious about who’s interested in my life. I mean, I know my husband reads this blog, but I end up just telling him most of this stuff, anyway. And I know my Mom reads it, but I end up telling her a lot of this stuff on the phone (or over Facebook), too.

Speaking of Facebook… I no longer automatically port all my blog posts over there. Facebook “friendship” is a very passive and voyeuristic animal, and I don’t necessarily want to put all my blog entries into the mix of passively-consumed personal information. If people really want to know, they can type in my URL or subscribe in Google Reader (which is at least a little less passive than Facebook).

I’ve also realized that my posting frequency has dropped dramatically since I’ve started using Twitter. Seems I’ve been condensing my thoughts down to 140 characters as they occur to me, rather than expounding on them in depth later in the evening. If I knew who was listening, I might be more inclined to spout more massive amounts of prose on a more regular basis.

So, who’s out there?

*crickets chirping*

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