Adventures in Cross-Processing, Take 1

Diana at Starbucks
[Taken 27 June 2010 | Lomo LC-A | XPro expired slide film]

Yes, this week’s photo was taken by Aaron!

Back in June, I purchased a few rolls of expired film at a garage sale. For 10¢ each, I wasn’t about to pass them up — not when this meant the opportunity to try cross-processing for cheap.

So, I promptly loaded up my Lomo LC-A with roll #1, and took it with me on my trip to Medina with my Mom. Only snapped a few pics of Whipps Ledges, though, as I was more intent on taking photos with my Nikon, instead (which I haven’t uploaded to Flickr yet — I should get on that).

The loaded Lomo came along with me just about everywhere after that: Starbucks, walks, downtown Toledo, the local outdoor malls, Ann Arbor, even our trip to New York City. At one point, I had three film cameras with me at once: my Lomo, loaded with expired slide film; my Pentax mini SLR, loaded with 110 film; and my modified Holga, loaded with black-and-white film and judiciously taped to (hopefully) prevent light leaks.

Of all these cameras, I was least confident that the slide film would come out, having had a bad experience with expired garage-sale film in the past. Turns out I was right — to an extent.

Pro Tip for Lomo LC-A owners: Keep an eye on that red light in your viewfinder. It’s the battery-check LED. If it fails to light up, your Lomo will continue to make shutter noises, and it will advance as usual, but it will not expose film. I had learned this at one point, having once thought my Lomo to be totally hosed, but I obviously didn’t learn the valuable lesson of needing to check the battery regularly.

My battery ran out after nine exposures. Out of 36. And I had no idea until I got the film back.

The good news is that a.) the remainder of the expired slide film is (assumedly) still good for cross-processing! and b.) since I opted to go with process-only, and not get prints, I paid less than $5 total for the nine pictures that did come out.

When I picked up my XPro yesterday, I also dropped off my 110 from the new-to-me Pentax. Those should be ready by Sunday, so I’m very much looking forward to seeing how those come out…

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  1. That’s part of it. Part of it is because it was slide film processed in chemicals for print film. Together, it makes for funky colors and weird contrast — and that’s *after* I messed around in Photoshop to make it look more “normal.”

  2. so I take it it is hard to find someone who prosesses slide film the right way.guess you need a dark room. the laundry room could doubble as a dark room.

  3. No, I did it that way on purpose. I wanted the funky colors and the increased contrast for artistic effect. I had no interest in getting slides, really.