Proud Member of the Slow Runners Club

On Friday the 7th, I was honored to be a guest on the Slow Runners Club podcast with Zen Runner (aka Adam Tinkoff) and Eddie Marathon. We talked about my first 5K last month, and what the experience was like, among other related and unrelated tangents. I haven’t listened to the final edit yet, but hopefully Adam was able to make me sound a little less rambly and more like the seasoned podcaster he made me out to be!

Seriously, though — as I mentioned with Adam and Ed, I read a comment from someone on my Twitter feed that identifying as a runner is like identifying as a writer; if you don’t do it for a while, you tend to lose the identity. That was how I felt this past week; I ran on New Year’s Day, then didn’t run again until this evening. Talking with the guys on Friday really helped me to reinvigorate my identity as a runner.

(It still feels weird to even think that. I’m a runner? Me?)

Anyway, here’s Slow Runners Club Episode 5 for 7 January 2011. Enjoy!

[Download mp3]