Four years and three months ago, I was ten weeks into a planned pregnancy. We’d conceived on our first go at it, but the resulting pregnancy was fraught with complications. On a Friday evening in January 2007, Aaron and I found ourselves at The Toledo Hospital, dealing with the results of my miscarriage.

That weekend, we sat down and re-evaluated our life together, and decided to take a temporary fork away from the typical married-with-kids plan. We decided that we really could afford our long-dreamed-of trip to Japan — and that started a trend that we later decided to continue indefinitely.

We opted not to have children after all. I gave away the few parenting books and baby paraphernalia I’d collected for “someday when we have kids” and went on The Pill. We continued planning vacations (Japan, Hawaii, Japan again, Mexico, and Aruba upcoming in 2011), and settled in for a life of being Just The Two Of Us And Our Cat.

February 2011. My second missed period, after having religiously taken The Pill every night around 10pm. Called the OBGYN’s office on Monday; they told me to take a home pregnancy test, just to rule out that outcome. Took the pee test on Monday after work.


In a three-day whirlwind of tests — urine, blood, and ultrasound — we went from being Just The Two Of Us And Our Cat to picking up where we’d left off four years before: ten weeks pregnant.

It’s now six weeks later, and this pregnancy has been complication-free thus far. Medically, anyway; Aaron and I are both finding this quite complicated to wrap our brains around. On our good days, though, we’re actually pretty excited about this next chapter in our lives.

Just The Two Of Us And Our Cat will become Just The Three Of Us And Our Cat on (or around) September 26, 2011.

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  1. Congrats! I really hope everything continues to go well for all three of you. If the baby comes September 27th the baby will share my Emma’s Birthday.