24 Weeks Down, 16 To Go

Today’s pregnancy topic: my changing shape. Specifically, finding clothes for said changing shape, especially considering that I’ll only be wearing these clothes for another few months.

The good news is that I’d been slack about getting rid of my old “fat clothes” after losing 25 pounds on Weight Watchers. Many of my fat pants are still quite passable with a belly band to hold them up (and to disguise my waaay open fly). The bad news is that all my cute summer girly tees and whatnot are going to stay in their Sterilite container under my bed for at least another year.

As with my last update, I’ll be skimming back through my tweets to find some appropriate milestones…

About to buy my first pair of maternity shorts. Surprisingly comfy without looking dumpy or frumpy! (Sat 23 April 2011, 3:24PM)

I initially bought these when I realized that I had only one, maybe two, pairs of shorts to take on vacation to Aruba, and they’re still my way favoritest maternity shorts so far. Light and comfortable, the front lays well (I have a problem with pants puckering around the crotch, even when I’m not pregnant), and the belly panel gives a teeny bit of support (even if it’s just moral support). I find myself wearing these every weekend anymore.

In a few months, I’ll wish I were back to this pregnant-or-frumpy stage. For now, though, I wish I looked more obviously pregnant. (Mon 25 April 2011, 8:27PM)

Finally, over a month later, I seem to be looking noticeably pregnant. Not everyone can tell yet, though — especially strangers. I’m actually thankful for that, as I’ve gotten to hear tales from my more-obviously-pregnant co-worker about complete strangers asking about her due date and her baby’s gender and name.

Also on the thankful tip, I’m not ridiculously uncomfortable yet. My belly doesn’t bump into things in awkward ways (for the most part, anyway — the horizontal mambo has become a bit of a logistical challenge). I can still bend over and tie my shoes, although I’m not as ladylike as I used to be. I have noticed my balance becoming a bit precarious sometimes, so I’ll often sit down to take my pants off (usually I’m OK putting them on, for whatever reason).

Mini swimwear fashion show in my bathroom mirror. 1.) Where did my waist go? 2.) Glad I bought that maternity tankini top. 3.) PREGNANT wow. (Thu 28 April 2011, 8:05PM)

What’s hilarious about this is that I bought the swim top online pretty early on; when I first got it, I thought, “There is NO WAY I’m going to be big enough to wear this to Aruba!” Yep. I had one other top that still barely fit, and one that was a no-go, so I was glad to have one that was just a tad on the roomy side. You can catch a little peek of my maternity suit in this photo.

In the Fat Pants vs. Four-Month Pregnant Belly matchup, Belly will be winning shortly. Add new work pants to the clothes shopping list. (Thu 12 May 2011, 8:22AM)

Don’t ask me why, but for some reason, I only considered wearing my belly band with my normal pants. I guess it just felt like I shouldn’t need extra room in my fat pants, pregnant or not. It took prodding from a friend via Facebook to remind me that I could and should wear my belly band with my fat pants.

Which is how I’m rocking it these days: I have a couple pairs of maternity pants for work, and a few pairs of fat pants that I wear with my belly band, and it works out fairly well with the selection of maternity and roomy non-maternity shirts I have on hand.

Funny how much clothing I passed up in the past b/c I thought it’d make me look pregnant. I didn’t know what looking pregnant really was. (Sat 21 May 2011, 9:02PM)

Case in point: I used to think that this tank top made me look pregnant, so I never wore it. Left photo is 12 weeks (not showing at all). Right photo is 23 weeks (that’s a week ago today):

(Yes, you can expect a slideshow in the relatively near future.)

Today’s realization: my #pregnant belly finally sticks out farther than my boobs. My reflection in profile seems like a stranger’s to me. (Wed 25 May 2011, 10:41AM)

Reference photos above.

What prompted this tweet was literally me seeing myself reflected in a building as I walked past. I was wearing a wrap dress from Gap Maternity (don’t worry, I got it on sale) that hugs my form a little more than I’m used to, pregnant or not. My pregnant profile was so blatant and obvious that I had to do a double-take on my own reflection.

Went shopping for maternity pants and unmentionables today. Bra fitting revealed that my cup size is now also unmentionable. Holy cow. (Sun 5 June 2011, 2:52PM)

Funny story: when I went into Lane Bryant to get new bras and granny panties, I discovered that one of the techs from my chiropractor’s office also works retail! Since Aaron and I both go to the same chiropractor, she chatted with Aaron as he waited for me to try things on. It took us both a while to realize who she was, since she wasn’t in her scrubs, and we both had to just fake it until she mentioned our chiropractor by name.

Also funny (or maybe not so much): I’ve gone up one band size and THREE cup sizes. Holy schnikes. Tell you what, though, the girls feel SO much better now that they’re properly supported. Now that I have a couple of bras that actually fit, the next step will be hitting up the maternity store in the mall (or maybe just Target) to get a couple nursing bras.

Oddly enough, I really do think that being pregnant is the best thing that could happen for my body image. I mean, shit is happening that I have little to no control over. Curves are going in, the scale is going up, and I can either embrace it as a sign of my femininity or not. When this is all over, let’s face it, I’ll have a mom bod. I’ll probably wear mom jeans (although I’ll try to avoid it). That little belly poonch I’ve always had REALLY isn’t going anywhere after this, I’m guessing.

No biggie.

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