27 Weeks Down, 13 To Go

Diana at 27 WeeksWell, I spent most of my quality blogging time this evening trying to puzzle out how to most efficiently code a javascript slideshow of my growing baby bump, with little luck. I know there are free ones out there, but I really wanted to code it myself; alas, I may end up finding one that I can tweak instead.

Point being, today’s update is going to be short and sweet kind of stream-of-consciousness, since I used up all my time and brainpower on javascript geekery.

Even though I haven’t quite hit the third trimester yet, I’m definitely feeling different this week. I feel like I look rounder these days, and I can feel the pull of the extra weight on my back and abs. When I try to activate my abs to protect my lower back and to stand up straight, my abs get sore quick; when I let my weight sag forward, my back hurts. Walking is more tiring than it was even a month ago, and makes my lower abdominals ache in an interesting new way. Luckily, my thighs don’t hurt as much anymore — whether that’s from my sleeping with a pillow between my legs or because my pelvis has slowed its spread is a mystery. Either way is fine by me.

In relation to me getting rounder, our baby boy is definitely getting bigger and taking up more room. Used to be that I could only feel his kicks and punches and whatnot below my belly button; now (right now, actually) he’s making movements I can feel above my waistline. This corresponds with my suddenly-decreased lung capacity and my new-found inability to eat a large meal.

Aaron and I are getting closer to a name for our new addition, as well as getting closer to having his room livable. His room has been a storage room for the past seven years or so, and it’s been a slow process for me to get my crap out of the room. I still have some odds and ends to relocate/pitch before we can buy a crib and get it assembled and ready for Junior. We’re also starting to check out antique malls and other low-cost options for a dresser that will double as a changing table.

As far as the naming goes, we have some options posted on the refrigerator, and we do have a strong contender for full name. We’ve recently moved from dorky, joking mode to seriously-our-kid-needs-a-name-soon mode, and we’ve made good progress.

We’re scheduled for a tour of the hospital in July, and we’re taking the weekend Childbirth Express class in August. Things are falling into place, and we only have three months to go before two becomes three.


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