[Taken 4 June 2011 | ISO 160]

A child runs through a sprinkler during the Toledo Old West End Festival, 4 June 2011.

The little girl in the shot was totally unplanned, but ended up in the perfect spot in the composition. I’d waited for the sprinkler to hit the right angle, and just as I pressed the shutter, there she went. That’s serendipity right there.

This was my first run with the Spartus Full-Vue since August 2009. I had a much easier time loading and shooting with the camera this time around, and got much better results (which I will continue to post here and on Flickr in the near future).

There seems to be a minor light leak, and the in-focus “sweet spot” is relatively small and a bit off-center… but those are characteristics I find endearing, for the most part. Stay tuned to see the rest of my second test roll!