34 Weeks Down, 6 To Go

Diana at 34 WeeksOur baby acquisitions are finally winding down. This weekend’s purchase was a crib mattress from Baby Depot, with a 15% off coupon. Score! Even more win: the cheaper mattress was the firmer mattress (and firm is good when it comes to crib mattresses).

Now we wait until the baby shower on the 27th to see what our friends and family have decided to bestow upon us — then we hit up Amazon.com or Baby Depot to purchase the necessities that may be left, like a play yard (aka playpen) or changing pad or bottles or bouncy seat or whatnot.

Next weekend is our Childbirth Express class: Friday evening and all day Saturday. Normally, the class would be taken for five weeks, one day a week, for two or three hours each session. Since the only sessions are in the evenings, though, and Aaron works nights, we’re rocking the two-day express course. We’re both looking forward to learning about our options and how this is going to go down: pain management ideas, labor positions, and so forth. Aaron’s never changed a diaper in his life, and it’s been YEARS since I have, so learning/relearning some basic childcare skills will be mighty helpful, too.

The breastfeeding class comes separately with this option, so I’ll be flying solo one of these evenings to take that (because I’m definitely going to be breastfeeding, Flying Spaghetti Monster willing).

New and notable this week: increased fatigue, continued swelling of hands and feet, sore and achy knuckles, and a change from feeling hungry to feeling queasy and lightheaded (which apparently means the same thing now: eat something). Also, I’m not entirely convinced that today’s chiropractic adjustment helped a whole lot, as I’m still feeling the very slight numbness of sciatica in my right buttcheek.

Overall? Feeling mighty pregnant right now. Starting to get used to the idea of being someone’s Mom soon, although it’s still a little freaky (and I’m guessing it still will be, even after we bring our son home). I’ll probably feel more secure after this weekend’s class, though.

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  1. do a couple of cat arch/sag stretches Jr is probobly in the way…… go figure.
    you look real good I so big by this point. I wouldn’t be at all surprized if the extra weight went away REAL fast.