Losing the Baby Weight, Week 3

Weigh-in: down 1.6 pounds!

How did I manage this? Hell if I know.

WW dashboard

My major oopsie: Saturday. For whatever reason (I’m chalking it up to Mommy Brain), it didn’t occur to me that a baby shower held from 2pm to 4pm would include a lunch potluck. So, luckily, I did eat lunch before I went to the shower. I still ate one plateful of delicious food, though: green been casserole, cheesy potatoes, mustard potato salad, and ravioli — all ¼ to ½ cup servings, except for the cheesy potatoes, which were a major 1-cup indulgence.

I’m guessing that I went over my Weekly Allowance Points, but I didn’t track Saturday’s meals, so I’ll never know for sure. I’m assuming I did. So, my first weekly goal to have some Weekly Allowance Points left over at the end of the week is out the window.

My minor oopsie: exercise. Or lack thereof. I didn’t really get going on the exercise tip until yesterday, when I started the Hundred Pushups program. Today I started Couch to 5K®, which accounted for 24 minutes of cardio. But that counts for this week, not last week. So, my weekly goal to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day for at least three days is totally blown.

NSV (Non-Scale Victory): I did eat more fruits and vegetables than last week — or at least the same amount, since I only maxxed out my servings for three days, not more than three days.

NSV #2: As mentioned above, I started the Hundred Pushups program (at the suggestion of Adam Tinkoff, aka Zen Runner of the Slow Runners Club). I attempted this years ago, but didn’t last long. This time, even though I’m doing modified pushups on my knees (aka “girlie pushups”), I’m going to see the program through to the end… then restart doing standard pushups.

So, what are my goals for this week? Mainly, complete Week One of C25K and 100 Pushups. If I can manage that on the exercise front, and have some Weekly Allowance Points left over at the end of the week, I’ll consider the week a rousing success, whether the scale says I gain or lose.