Losing the Baby Weight, Week 4

Weigh-in: up one pound exactly.

Maybe it’s time for a new strategy.

My only two goals for the week were to a.) complete Week One of C25K and 100 Pushups and b.) have some Weekly Allowance Points left over at the end of the week. Two out of three ain’t bad…?

The bad news: I ate all of my Weekly Allowance Points. The good news: I earned so many Activity Points from running and pushups that I managed not to eat through all of those.

From here on in, completing each week of C25K and 100 Pushups is a given. I have some additional accountability through a weekly coaching call (a free service of the fine folks at the Slow Runners Club), so I feel like exercise is no longer just a weekly goal; it’s non-negotiable. Now I’m working on improving my fitness level, not just showing up (although that’s a good and necessary start).

Perhaps, as food goals go, I should do something a little more in-the-moment, rather than something that I don’t care about when I get to the end of my day and I’ve got the munchies and say To Hell With My Weekly Points. This week, I declare that I will eat one serving of fruits or vegetables with every meal. That includes late-night snacks.

Next week, maternity leave is over and I start back to work. Back to a normal environment — albeit with a few tweaks, like taking pumping breaks and running two to three times a week. We’ll see how that affects things.