My First Mothers Day

I’ve had this tendency lately to let somewhat notable days pass by without blogging about them. Once upon a time, I would have blogged every mildly interesting day in painstaking detail; now, though, I find that I’d rather use my free time to read a magazine or watch TV than write. If I’m not careful, though, these days will slip by undocumented, and when I look back on these early months and years of motherhood, the details will be vague and fuzzy.

So, my first Mothers Day:

Connor was a sweetie and let me sleep in until almost 7:00am. Usually, he’ll get me up around 6:30, but sometimes as early as 5:30. This morning, he woke up happy — actually a pretty normal thing for Connor, but still a pleasant start to the day. (Sometimes he wakes up upset, but not often.)

When I went into Connor’s room to fetch him from his crib, I found that he (and his Daddy) had gotten me a Mothers Day present!

Mother's Day Gift Certificate

This was actually pretty amusing to me because we’d just driven past this place yesterday evening, on our way to dinner, and had been making jokes about how we should have gone to the Beauty Bar when we were looking for someplace to have a drink after our last date night. Because, you know, it’s gotta be pretty in that bar.


Connor and I had some breakfast, and we hung out for a while before I put him down for his morning nap (sort of an extension of his night’s sleep, but in his swing). I read some of the latest Runner’s World magazine — a treat, since I am WAY backed out on my magazine reading — then indulged myself in a relatively lengthy shower, during which I shaved my legs and scrubbed my feet. Yes, that’s an indulgence; usually I rush through a hair-washing and pit-shaving and call it good enough.

Connor still hadn’t woken up yet after my shower, so I read some more of my Runner’s World until he decided he was done with his nap. Pretty standard Sunday morning stuff after that: gave Connor his morning snack, played for a while, then went upstairs to get Daddy out of bed. I got dressed while Aaron was in the shower: slightly gussied up in my new maxi halter and Skechers sandals from Zulily and my black cardigan (which is actually a maternity piece, but you can’t tell).

Me in my halter maxi dress with cardigan and sandals

(Incidentally, I LOVE this dress. It fits and drapes perfectly, is super comfortable, and is made of a nice light and stretchy material that’s perfect for a spring or summer day. I might hunt down another few dresses like this one.)

Aaron had said that I could pick the restaurant for lunch — and, if I chose our normal dim sum lunch, I could pick the items we got. So, I got a little fancy with the dim sum and ordered some stuff we don’t get all the time: baked pork buns, sticky rice wraps; nothing too “out there,” like tripe or chicken feet, but things we usually reserve as “sometimes foods.”

The restaurant was packed when we got there around 1pm, so the New Empire Connor Schnuth Fan Club (i.e. all the servers) didn’t get to stop by and say hello as often as they usually do. That was actually a bit of a treat in itself, I’m a little ashamed to admit. Sometimes, we’re just not in the mood to have our child fawned over. Sometimes, we just want to eat our lunch. I love that they love his cute little self, don’t get me wrong, but we’re not always keen on the attention. So, the busy-ness of the restaurant was a nice change of pace. Our food came out plenty quick, too, which was also nice.

After lunch came our standard Sunday Starbucks run. Nothing special there, but it’s always nice to have a little time to chill and feel like normal adults. Our Starbucks trips are like a tie back to our pre-Connor days to me, and a reminder that not everything has to change now that we’re parents. We’re still us, just like we were before, and just like we will continue to be. We still like the things we’ve always liked, including chilling out at Starbucks.

Connor playing with a Starbucks paper bag

At least, until Connor gets tired and hungry and cranky and bored. Then it’s time to go home. Such was it today.

The rest of the day was normal Sunday responsible-type stuff. Aaron dusted and vacuumed, and I sorted laundry and wrangled Connor. Then we sat down and got the grocery list together while I fed Connor. Then Connor fell asleep in time for Aaron to go to the store and for me to do laundry and do some blogging (i.e. start this entry).

The remainder of the evening involved us eating a dinner of falafel lettuce wraps and fruit salad while watching the episode of No Reservations I’d taped (yes, taped, as in VCR) from last Monday. Like I said, typical Sunday night.

As I finish writing this, Aaron is upstairs in the living room, rocking Connor to sleep. All in all, it’s been a good Mothers Day, and a pleasant Sunday, and I’m happy.

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  1. glad you had a good Mom’s day 🙂 Love the dress, lets look for one together when I visit:) I want one. Aaron is a great guy I am glad he does the little things that make you happy.