Dear Connor: Month Nine

This was the month of being social with friends and family!

Connor and Grammy

Grammy came to visit in May, for the first time since you were just two weeks old. She showed up before Mommy got home from work, and Daddy said that you were excited to hear her voice — until you realized that she wasn’t me! Then you got confused and freaked out for a minute, but were plenty happy by the time Mommy got home.

We went out and had plenty of fun times — at the zoo, at the park, and at restaurants — but Mommy should really write more about that some other time, in detail, with lots of pictures.

Mommy and Connor at the Zoo

Jason and AaronMommy and Daddy took you up to Michigan to meet our friend Jason and his fiancee Colette. They live in New York City, but were visiting Jason’s family in Michigan over Memorial Day weekend, so we made sure to get together, since they hadn’t met you yet, and we hadn’t met Colette. We all had lunch at the Cracker Barrel, and had fun catching up about everything from babies to Japan trips to jobs to restaurants in NYC. It was a good time!

That same weekend, Mommy and Daddy went on their second-ever date night without Connor! You fell asleep for Missy at 8:00pm, which is really early, so she got to hang out and read books until Mommy and Daddy got home at 10:30pm. For the two hours you were awake, though, you loved hanging out with Missy as much as last time. And Mommy and Daddy enjoyed getting to go out for sushi and then watch The Avengers.

Mommy and Daddy also took you to your first Old West End Festival this month. Actually, Mommy and Daddy only really go to the garage sales, not the festival itself, so you got to go garage saleing for the first time, too. You got to meet our friend Traeonna, who hadn’t seen you since you’d been born, so that was fun for everyone. She’s a redhead, too, so Mommy asked her some stupid questions like, “Do you think he’ll stay a redhead?!” Since, you know, all redheaded people are experts in genetics. Mommy’s silly.

You love being in your stroller and seeing the world around you… but, as usual, you eventually fell asleep.

Connor asleep by the records Connor asleep while Daddy buys us water

After your stroller nap, we hung out on a bench outside the Art Museum, where you got to crawl and stand on grass for the first time. You always love being outside, but you especially loved being on the grass.

Connor outside the Art Museum

After dinner that evening, we all went to The Sheets’ house for a Baby S’mores Party! You and Daddy had gotten to have a Baby Taco Party with Mark and Harper at San Marco’s earlier this month, so we continued the baby party theme. All the babies and all the grown-ups (and even the doggie) had a good time!

Baby S'mores Party!

Other stuff that happened this month…

Mommy had her first Mother’s Day! You and Daddy got Mommy a gift certificate to a local spa. Mommy’s planning to get her nails done and her feet all sparkly soon.

We’re introducing you to new foods slowly but surely. Tilapia and sweet potatoes, plus some organic pre-packaged foods like cherry/apple and broccoli/apple purees. You seem to like them, for the most part.

Still no teeth, and you’re still not crawling yet. You love to stand up while holding on to Mommy or Daddy’s fingers, though, and you roll around like crazy, and you rock back and forth on all fours. The doctor says we shouldn’t worry about the crawling unless you haven’t started moving around on your own somehow by 10½ months, and that we shouldn’t worry about the lack of teeth until you’re a year and a half old. So, plenty of time for both. No worries!

Your favorite toy right now seems to be the Totoro rattle that Erika got you for your baby shower. Mommy and Daddy like to give it to you while we’re changing your diaper, since another of your favorite things is to roll over while you’re on the changing table, so we need to distract you from doing that.

You love to meet new people, and everyone always comments about how happy and talkative you are. You’re not saying any real words yet, but you love to babble and smile and giggle. We have the feeling you’re going to be quite the talker once you have some words…

You’re such a cutie, and we love you so much, little dude.

Connor Closeup

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  1. Grandad is not well so he couldn’t come see you, but he sure loves to see the pictures your Mommy and Daddy post. We both love you so much and wish we could see you more often.
    You are the most wonderful thing in the world (sorry Mommy you take a close 2nd) I miss your giggely smiley face. I miss your Mommy too 🙂