Dear Connor: Month Ten

It’s like something clicked in your brain this month, and everything started making sense.

First, you became a champion sitter overnight.

Champion Sitter!

Then, you figured out crawling.

Exploring the Unknown

Then, you pulled yourself to standing for the first time.

Look, ma!

Not only that, but you finally started cutting teeth! One of your bottom teeth has made it through the gums, but isn’t all the way out yet, and one of your top teeth has just finished breaking through. You’ll be getting another top tooth soon — before long, you’ll look even less like a little baby and more like a little boy.

You’re still not so into solid food, but you do like your purees. We introduced you to peaches this month, and you’re a big fan! You’re not quite ready for finger foods or things that need any chewing; they get onto your tongue before you chew/gum them properly, and you gag on them. Someday soon, though.

You’ve started showing a preference for things being a certain way; you fuss when we take a toy away from you, or when you hold your arms up and we don’t pick you up, or when a routine doesn’t go exactly the way you expect it to (like getting fetched from your crib or the swing as soon as you see Mommy or Daddy, or not getting fed as soon as you see your bottle).

We did some fun things this month! We spent an afternoon walking around Bowling Green (where Mommy and Daddy went to college, and where we lived when we first got married), and we took you to the Waterville Community Garage Sale (but we only saled for an hour because it was so hot outside), and we took you to the park for the first time, and we all drove up to Michigan for a Fourth of July BBQ with friends.

You’re growing up so fast! Slow down, won’t you, please?


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