Dear Connor: Month 16

I’m not even sure where to start! It’s been a busy month: you had your first “real” haircut at a stylist; we had Christmas Eve in Cleveland and Christmas Day at home; you’ve picked up new words; you’ve tried new foods; you’ve started getting new teeth.

We made sure to get you a haircut before we went out to spend Christmas Eve with Daddy’s family, so you wouldn’t be Mr. Shaggy Dude. Mommy didn’t feel comfortable trying to cut your hair on her own again — you’re just too squirmy! — so we took you to a local discount stylist and let them do their thing. Mommy held you while Daddy took pictures.

You seemed to like it well enough for a while:

…Until you didn’t.

It turned out nice, though, and you don’t look like some long-haired skater baby anymore.

Mommy already wrote about Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at length, with pictures. You still love your Duplo blocks, and your alphabet blocks, and your new toy box that goes OPEN… and CLOSED! Over and over and over again.

Open and closed are only two of the words you’ve started spouting off this month. Mommy should start keeping track of them for your next pediatrician appointment — the doctor might want to know how big your vocabulary is. You’ve started saying some of the words you’ve been signing, like milk, and you’ve developed signs of your own for some things, like which book you want to read. (OK, so Mommy did plant the seeds for some of those signs by doing actions with some of the books, like Hop On Pop.)

You haven’t been quite as thirsty for books since you started playing with your new toys. You like to put the Duplo bucket on your head and walk around the living room, and you like to make towers out of alphabet blocks and then knock them down. The Duplos were hard for you to figure out, but you’ve just recently managed to put them together, instead of only taking them apart.

You’ve tried some new foods this month, and liked them! (And some you didn’t.)

You love rice, be it from an Indian restaurant, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Korean. It’s all rice, and it’s all good. It’s easier if Mommy and Daddy can take a fingerful and mush it together into a finger-food-friendly ball for you to pick up.

Connor Loves Sticky Rice

Yes, that’s salmon sashimi in that picture. You also love sushi. Mommy’s read some conflicting reports about whether you should be eating raw fish this young, but the pediatrician said when you turned one that everything was OK except raw honey. And you LOVE tuna and salmon, and it’s not like you’re eating much of it at once. I think we’re OK.

You also enjoyed a free bun from New Empire when we met Harper and her family there for New Year’s Day!

You’ve liked almost every food we’ve put in front of you, except for one particular brand of pre-packaged organic toddler meals. Even then, it’s more of a tiring slog of you not really being interested in eating it, and Mommy trying to cajole you into it.

You also love hot dogs, and cheese, and strawberries, and you like to feed them to yourself when we let you.

Daddy discovered that you love frozen yogurt, too!

Connor Decides That Frozen Yogurt Is Awesome

There were a couple times this month when you got sick in a restaurant. The first time was at our favorite Vietnamese joint, and you puked not once, but FOUR times. In a row. Luckily, we had what we needed in the diaper bag to get you and the floor and the high chair clean and not smelling like vomit. Mommy and Daddy actually felt like Super Parents; we were able to finish our own dinner after your tummy troubles without getting it all to go!

The second time was all Mommy’s fault. Mommy fed you an Indian samosa, and the spice didn’t agree with you. Then Mommy thought that giving you a teeny taste of her mango lassi would make things better, but that only made things worse. Your yark was considerably smaller volume that time; good thing, too, because we weren’t equipped quite as well.

Mommy would love to write more, little dude, but it’s getting late, and even Mommies have to go to bed sometimes. I love you, Connor. Thanks for giving Mommy good-night kisses (even when you don’t pucker up quite right, or at all), and keep having fun.

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