Dear Connor: Month 18

Dear Connor,

Every month seems like such a sea change. Every month, I write about how much you’ve learned and how much you’ve grown, and every month you change more than the last.

Big things are happening in your life. You’ve been going to daycare (aka “school”) twice a week for about a month now, and you love it! In fact, you get very upset on the mornings when you realize that Mommy’s taking you back upstairs and not bye-bye. You actually nap at daycare now — probably in part because you no longer have an ear infection from the bug you picked up on your very first day. You’re acclimating well, and learning new things, like “shh” and “nuh-uh” and sitting down quietly to watch TV. We can tell you’re trying to say other new words that you’ve learned, too, but Mommy and Daddy can’t understand what you mean yet.

You’re definitely a little toddler now: you say more than fifty words, you prefer to feed yourself than to be fed, and you throw temper tantrums when you don’t get your way. We’re starting to be able to reason with you on a very, very basic level, but distraction is still the way to go for most no-no’s. You like to pet the cat, and touch her nose and ears, and you think she’s trying to high-five you when she’s actually trying to tell you to go away.

Sometimes you undress yourself when you’re in your crib, especially if you’ve been in there awake for a while and you’re getting bored. Luckily, you haven’t figured out how to escape your crib or your Pack-N-Play yet, but it’s only a matter of time: we saw you turn the laundry basket upside-down today and climb on it to try to get on the couch. You also love to sit in Daddy’s recliner (carefully supervised, of course).

Connor in Daddy's Recliner

In less than two weeks, we’ll all be moving to our new home across town. It’s exciting — you’ll have more room to live and play, and will attend better schools than you would have — but it’s also a little sad to say goodbye to the first house you ever lived in. Mommy and Daddy both moved out of their first homes when they were very little, too, so we know you’ll be OK… It’s just that there are so many memories here. We’ll make even more at the new house, though — and we’ll have more room to make them in!

Mei and Connor

I’m sure that, as usual, there are so many more details about this month that I’m forgetting to record in my rush to get this entry finished. It’s been so fun watching you grow and turn from a baby into a little person. You definitely have your own unique personality, and Mommy’s looking forward to seeing how that continues to develop as you’re more able to express yourself.

Tonight, before Mommy took you upstairs to bed, you told Daddy, “I love you,” (although it sounded like “ah laaab!”) and gave him a hug. It was a super sweet moment, and the first time you tried to say “I love you.” We tell you that all the time, and we mean it.

I love you, Connor.


One thought on “Dear Connor: Month 18

  1. I alway look forward to these post, in just a few months maybe I can be a part of your life. A closer part than I am now. Your smiling face has helped me in so many ways over the last few weeks, and always.

    Love you Connor

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