Today In The Garden

In the Garden Today: Peony Alexander Woolcott

Peony Alexander Woolcott George McFartsypants (so dubbed by my husband) is ready to bloom in the flowerbed behind the house. I also found others of this variety in front of the house by the office window and along the front fence in a couple of spots.

Edit: I realized after looking at the Bloom Sequence page on Peony’s Envy that this is not Alexander Woollcott, although I’m not sure what it is. It’s more on the early side — it’s blooming before my pink and white peonies, anyway. I’m going to just call it a red peony (or call it George) and leave its exact variety as a mystery.


In the Garden Today: Purple Alliums

The alliums are starting to open up. I love the vertical height that these give to the flowerbeds.


In the Garden Today: Hostas and Chives

The hostas along the south fence in the back yard are looking great! There are some other random plants that come up between them, like Russian sage and chives and butterfly weed — eventually I’ll need to decide which plants get moved, and to where. I think I’ve read that butterfly weed doesn’t like to be moved, but I could be misremembering.


In the Garden Today: Yellow Plants and Green Groundcover

These yellow plants are popping up in the groundcover along the front fence by our driveway. I know there are some lilies here (perhaps the tall, light sage-colored leaves are the lilies?), but I’m not sure what these pretty yellow flower-looking plants are. I know I like them, though!

Looking forward to spending a little quality time outside in the flowerbeds in the next couple of weeks to keep everything looking neat and tidy, and to do some documentation to decide what stays, what goes, and what gets moved.

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