February Weigh-In

I can’t figure out “Why did I eat that” if I don’t track what I ate.

Granted, I only skipped tracking three days in a row at the most, but still. That’s a big gap for me.

I can tell you why I didn’t track for that particular stretch of three days, though. I didn’t want to know, and I was too lazy to look things up. Thai, pizza, sushi (which is not really that “bad,” Points-wise), and other indulgences made up those three days.

That half a week of going off the wagon set me back a week of weight loss. Two weeks, technically, since I gained back what I’d lost the previous week. When I’m losing as slowly as I am, I really can’t afford to have much backsliding at all. Not if I want to lose 1.3 pounds per month to reach my Goal Weight before Thanksgiving 2015.

Even when I got back on a tracking streak, though, that didn’t necessarily mean I went back on-Plan.

Why Did I Eat That?

That said, though, people have said that it looks like I’m losing more weight. They say I look thinner overall, especially in the face — but I’m the same weight I’ve been since October. Well, no, that’s a lie. I’ve actually put on a few pounds since my low weight in October. Hell, I’ve put on a few pounds just this month. I do not like this trend. It’s time for it to stop.


Non-Scale Failwhale:

  • I packed lunch, but wasn’t excited with what I had. Was thinking about the chicken cordon bleu wrap with macaroni salad that’s usually in stock on the 6th floor. Went to the 6th floor, but the chicken cordon bleu wrap they had was packed with potato chips instead… and there was lasagna to be had. So I had that, instead.
  • Another day, another lunch — this time, a fancy salad. I stopped by the 6th floor to pick up something small to go with — a wrap, maybe, or some warm chicken and craisins to top my salad — and left with a large serving of macaroni and cheese along with a cajun chicken caesar wrap with macaroni salad.

Lessons learned this month:

  • Eating after Connor goes to bed is not a good idea, ever.
  • If I bring a lunch to work, that lunch is what I eat. That’s it.


Normally, I would say that living in the moment is the best thing.


I apparently need to NOT live in the moment when it comes to food choices. I need to make my decisions well in advance, leaving nothing to a whim. The 6th floor, with its vending machines and cafeteria line, will be strictly verboten for me for the next month. I’ll be looking through recipe books and cards, prepping food in advance and making meals that I’ll be happy to eat, in both nutrition and general satisfaction (taste, comfort-food factor, amount, etc.).

If I’m going to reach Goal by Thanksgiving of this year, I need to apply myself NOW. That 1⅓ pound per month mini-goal has already crept up to 1¾ pounds per month, and may start becoming much less reasonable and attainable if I’m not careful.

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