One Thousand Words

It’s not much, really.

One thousand words per week. That’s equal to one really giant blog post (like my last Dear Connor post), or two or three average ones, or four or five tiny bite-sized ones (like extended captions for Throwback Thursday posts).

Of all three of my New Year’s Resolutions, this is the one that I’ve been the most consistent with. Every week, I have a green checkmark on the monthly calendar in my Hobonichi Techo, where I track my resolution progress. (Not so with my goals to lose 1.5 pounds per month or to scan in my son’s artwork from preschool.)

Only now is my word-count goal becoming a challenge. Up until this point, I’ve had posts ready to go in my Google Drive. I’ll take a ten-minute break here or a lunch break there and type out a few things, then eventually come back to my almost-done entries and polish them up before posting. (Assuming they’re still relevant by the time I get back to them.)

Finally, I’m down to entries and ideas that aren’t fully fleshed out yet. Things I’m actually going to have to spend time on to get them ready for posting.

Finally, my blog has the chance to return to what it used to be: semi-regular updates about my life in general. Not necessarily a gardening blog, or a mommy blog, or a photoblog, or a weight loss blog, or a journal of my orthodontic treatment, but a conglomerate of less-edited, stream-of-consciousness thoughts that go through my head as I go through my day. With actual substantive, topical, essay-type posts mixed in, of course.

That’s so 2000’s of me, I know. Nobody has a personal blog anymore — they’re all topical. Nobody cares about my dumb life, right?

Well, it’s my blog. I care. I love going back in time and revisiting my headspace in years past. And someday, maybe my son will, too.

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