Operation Braceface: Day 904

If I hadn’t asked to tie in my molars, I’d be much closer to done right now. As it is, we’re moving back up the ranks of wire strength from square one — well, round 14, really.


Me: So, what wires are we moving to today?
New Ortho Assistant: Oh, just one size up.
Me: So, we were at…?
Assistant: …a 14, and we’re moving up to a 16.
Me: Still the round ones, then?
Assistant: Yep, round Ni-Ti*. –Did you go to dental school?

Last time, I got brackets put on my molars to align them with the rest of my arch, and to remove some food-catching gaps that had opened up during treatment. Seems like I just reset my treatment back to the beginning. Wish we could have tied these in sooner!

braces bottom arch

Next time, the plan is to put chains on top and bottom, across my front four teeth (2 to 2, as the ortho people say), and to increase to a 18-22 rectangular wire.

It might be slow going, but at least it’s being done right.


*She didn’t actually say Ni-Ti, but I’m not sure what she said.

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