June Weigh-In

Per a discussion in today’s Weight Watchers meeting about reaching that point when you know you have to do something different, it’s time for me to revisit some journal entries from last year, when I was actively losing weight:

4 February 2014:

Not today’s At Work meeting, but last week’s, I inadvertently hijacked with my question of how to get the fire back into my weight loss. The topic was celebrations, and I really couldn’t think of anything to celebrate, outside of just showing up. As soon as I got back to my desk, I took some notes on what the other members said:

  • Weekly weight goals. Sure, I have about 20 more pounds to Goal, but what am I shooting for this week?
  • Take Measurements. I’m not sure when I last took measurements — it may have been when I was first starting to show with Connor, back in Spring of 2011. In any case, I’m due for a full weigh-and-measure.
  • Celebrate Non-Scale Victories (NSVs). I already do this, but it bears repeating. This month’s main NSV: after two days of me overeating unhealthy foods, a co-worker asked if I’d lost weight. (I was actually wearing a Spanx undergarment that day, but she said she’d noticed before today, so I didn’t mention it.)
  • Remember how far you’ve come. In the meeting, I referenced what my weight loss graph looks like, starting at the number 250 (or thereabouts). My wedding photo is my “before” picture.
  • Try “Simple Start” — the most recent incarnation of what used to be called “Core” back in the day. Choose from a list of foods instead of counting Points.
  • Revisit old food journals. Also, blog entries from when I was most successful at losing on WW.

It was that last one, revisiting old journals, that really struck a chord with me.


4 March 2014:

Overall, this month has been a good month for weight loss. Reading my old blog entries last month really helped me recapture the feeling of success and accomplishment that I had back in my initial heyday. Knowing that the end result will happen makes it a little easier to keep myself in check in the evenings, and avoid eating my Weekly Allowance Points (what us old-schoolers still call “Flex Points” because it’s easier to say).


1 April 2014:

I’ve been setting small goals and alternating weeks of intense focus with sort of maintenance weeks, and I feel like that seems to be working well without burning me out.

To me, it feels like identifying that I need to tweak the Plan to suit my body’s needs is a win in and of itself. What also feels like a giant win is the fact that I finally reached my lowest WW weight ever today — 0.4 pounds lower than my previous record-low (aka Oh-Shit-I’m-Two-Months-Pregnant) weight, exactly three years and one month ago.


1 July 2014:

When I eat healthy, I feel healthy. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. Like I said last month, wearing cute clothes is its own reward; so is feeling awesome.


There’s a passage from the February 2014 entry that caught my eye, about having been wearing a Spanx undergarment. I think it says something about how I feel about myself right now that I haven’t worn a support undergarment in a Very Long Time — perhaps that was the last time? I’d call that a Non-Scale Victory, for sure.

My other NSV for June: my yoga instructor/co-worker saw me in the elevator after lunch and told me that he saw my “skinniness” as he got in the elevator and didn’t realize it was me until he saw my face.

The plan for this week is to stay On-Plan. I know, it seems kind of well, duh! but I have a tendency to either keep tracking out of habit after I go over my Points Target or just stick my head in the sand on weekends and say LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU TELLING ME TO TRACK, CONSCIENCE!

So, this week, I do it up right. I focus on staying within my Daily Points Target, and I allow myself a few days (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday) when I can use my Weekly Allowance Points. I work on eating my vegetables (more so than fruits) and drinking enough water.

And then I see what results come from a week of eating right.

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