Reasons My Son Can’t Stay In Bed

He needs a hug.
He’s thirsty.
He can’t cover himself up.
His pillow is wet, and he can’t fall asleep on a soggy pillow.
He needs ANOTHER drink of water.
He needs to go potty.
A noise outside is keeping him awake.
His jammie pants keep going up his legs.
The rain is scary.
He peed in his diaper.
He needs another hug to make him feel better.
He needs a book in bed.
His toenail is funny and needs trimmed.
He wants Daddy to sing him a song, not Mommy.
His toenail is hurty.
He tried and tried, but he just can’t sleep.
He needs jammie shorts instead of jammie pants.
His leg hurts, and he needs some hurty medicine.
He really needs another hug, and he can’t just hug himself.

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