Operation Braceface: T-Minus 29 Days and Counting

Debonding is scheduled for 9am on Monday, May 2nd 9th. I will have been wearing braces for three years, five and a half six months.

Doc said that, since my teeth move so quickly, we’re going to keep the braces and chains (and elastics) on for another month, to make sure everything’s stabilized. Then, on debonding day (can I call it D-Day?), they’ll remove the brackets and take molds of my teeth, then I’ll come back at 2pm to pick up my retainer. That way, my teeth only have a few hours’ opportunity to move around of their own volition.

He actually recommended (for a moment) a permanent retainer, bonded to the backs of my teeth, even though he doesn’t like to recommend those. In fact, he took back his recommendation practically in the next breath and said that we’ll go with normal retainers, which I’ll wear full-time for six months to a year. If my teeth start to move out of position, they’ll bond a permanent retainer instead.

So, I’m not exactly free and clear in a month’s time, but the most uncomfortable part is over.

Next up: 1.) learning how to enunciate around new and different orthodontia, and 2.) re-learning how to smile with teeth and not feel awkward.

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