Skills Commensurate with his Age

It seems that, although Connor “demonstrated skills commensurate with his age,” he didn’t score high enough on all areas of his assessment to be considered for early admission to kindergarten. He will be starting kindergarten in August 2017, at age 5 years and 11½ months.


On one hand, I’m very curious about the areas of the assessment in which he scored above average (if any), and what his lowest scores were — is there something we need to work on? On the other hand, I’m not going to be “that parent” and ask about the results of my kid’s early entrance assessment when it’s pretty much a non-issue. It’s not like they won’t let him in at all — we just have to wait another year.

Also, there’s the little fact that we had originally decided not to try for early entrance, until he started reading and his behavior and communication started improving by leaps and bounds. At that point, we figured we’d just let the professionals decide.

And they have.

I think every parent thinks their kid is smart, but an early reader does not a genius make. Connor has plenty of things he can work on: fine motor skills, social skills, basically everything except the academic side of school. He’s got that part down.

I guess the only thing that really bothers me is that he’s going to eventually be in kindergarten with kids who are up to 11 months younger than he is. (That still feels like a huge age gap right now.) I worry that he’ll continue to act out when he’s not challenged academically. I don’t want my boy to be categorized early on as a problem child and not be able to get out from under his labels.

But that’s me thinking entirely too far ahead.

For now, let’s see if we can get him to control his temper and learn how to use scissors and maybe even remember to flush the toilet.

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