Dreary Spring Brain Dump

It’s another case of not wanting to write anything until the things in my mental queue have been posted: namely, Operation Braceface Day 1272 (debonding + retainers) and a Muffin Round-Up (since I’ve had multiple requests for my three-point muffin recipes). I need to get some of this out, though, even if just so I can look at it and realize how #firstworldproblems it all is.

I’m just meh. The weather is getting me down, I think: it’s been dreary and overcast and drizzly for the past several days. (I wouldn’t do well in the Pacific Northwest.)

I’m also adjusting to wearing retainers full-time, and having to remove them for eating or drinking anything except water. That makes my morning coffee a bit more tedious, since I have to schlep down to the ladies’ room to remove my retainers while my Keurig is brewing. When I was wearing braces, I had to remove my elastics, sure, but I could do that surreptitiously at my desk. Not so with the retainers. I’m getting better at removing them, but I still slobber all over myself.

I’m also feeling — as usual — like I have so many things to get done, and I’m not motivated to do any of them in the hour I get after Connor goes to bed. Things I need to do, like getting the box of shit from my old desk filed into my new desk, and mending Connor’s torn pants before he grows out of them, and going through Connor’s preschool papers and projects that are languishing on the kitchen counter, and filling out some life insurance paperwork, and logging our donations to charity so we don’t have to guesstimate when tax time rolls around next year. Things I want to do, like editing together the video I took in the front garden on Monday, or ordering more prints for my photo album, or repotting some houseplants that desperately need it, or reseasoning the rest of the cast iron, or baking more muffins, or inviting people to our annual shindig that’s supposedly happening in 2½ weeks (update: did that one today).

My TeuxDeux list keeps rolling over to the next day, and over, and over, and I just can’t seem to muster up any fucks to give.

Oh, and just as I was getting excited for Spring, I had to order plant covers on Amazon for the three tomatoes I planted prematurely, since the low temps this weekend are supposed to dip near freezing. Luckily, as we approach closer to the weekend, the forecast gets increasingly less freezy, so I shouldn’t lose any plants to the cold. Hopefully.

I don’t know. I guess maybe I’m just hormonal and blah. Maybe I’m low on sunshine or exercise. All I know is that it’s really hard to break out of one of these funks — for more than a few hours at a time, anyway — and there’s no good reason I should be all funky like this. I’ve got plenty of good things going for me right now.

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