Decompressing by the River

Decompressing by the River

[Taken 9 June 2016]

I journaled about my crappy commute

which turned into a crappy morning in general

and then I got over it.


As I waited for my lunch in the cafe, September by Earth Wind and Fire was playing over their speakers, and that made me feel perkier. One of my favorite songs of all time, seriously. Thanks, college marching band!

Anyway, when I got back to my desk and read my email, the business analyst who had passed along the user’s feedback told me that she’d told the user that her concerns were ones we couldn’t really remedy, but that she’d pass them along, just the same.

This evening, my son asked for chocolate chip cookies, and I figured, why not? So I made the Toll House recipe on the bag (which is really yummy, but makes A LOT of cookies). His quotable: “From now on, whenever you make something with batter, I lick the beaters!”

Even though he kept himself awake for an hour after bedtime (again), I didn’t let it get to me, and I even crept upstairs without being called for, just to tell him I loved him.

So, slowing my roll over lunch really helped, I think. Like I’ve said before, mindfully writing in a physical journal seems to be meditative for me. I’m sure there’s a Zen term for writing meditation. 🙂

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