Connor with Pokemon plushies

Last night, Connor asked if we could go to the toy store today and buy Pokémon plushies.

Why not?

Today, we used a long-ago-gifted Toys R Us gift card to buy Connor a pokeball — and we already had a Pikachu at home that we hadn’t given him yet. Connor was SUPER well-behaved at the toy store, didn’t beg for anything we didn’t plan on buying, and asked the cashier if she could please remove the tags.

When we got home, we made up a star chart for bedtimes, so that Connor can get a toy reward for behaving at bedtime. He decided on his own that twelve stars equals a trip to the toy store. He’ll get a silver star each night if he doesn’t yell or throw anything (yes, it’s a bedtime problem lately), and a gold star if he decides not to use his “Golden Button” to call me back upstairs after lights out.

Here’s hoping this works out…

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