Our Favorite Vietnamese Joint: Pho Viet Nam

As posted to Yelp on 9/28/2016:

31 check-ins

How have I not reviewed this place yet? My family and I can be found here at least once a month for lunch or dinner; my go-to is #28 (bĂșn thit nuong cha gio – noodles with pork, shrimp, and spring rolls), my husband’s is #25 (a spicy vegetarian/tofu soup), and my son gets an order of mozzarella sticks and shares our noodles (and veggies, and pork, and shrimp).

It looks seriously run-down, to be totally honest. Sometimes the service can be a little slow if the place is packed — which is to say, if there are four tables of people ordering at the same time. There is technically room for seven parties, one of which can be a large party of eight, but a full house really swamps the staff (i.e. the owners).

That said, the food is worth it every single time.

If you haven’t been yet, the pho dac biet (the one with everything) is a good place to start. Don’t miss the summer rolls with peanut sauce or the Vietnamese iced coffee. That coffee is fantastic. If you’re not in the mood for soup, the pan-fried egg noodles are also good, as is the fried rice. Seriously, I haven’t tried anything I haven’t liked on their menu, and I’ve been coming here for years.

Pho Viet Nam is absolutely one of my favorite restaurants in the city of Toledo, hands down.

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