Harper’s Birthday Card

Connor holding his homemade card

Connor and I had so much fun making a birthday card for his friend Harper on Saturday! We put Pusheen kitty stamps on the front, along with block letters in colors she would like. Then Connor asked for a reference picture for BB8 to draw on the inside, so I Googled one for him. He did the drawing and I did the coloring. Then he found an instant photo of our house and drew on it: him giving a flower to Harper, with a speech bubble saying, “I love you, Harper,” with fireworks in the sky. Signed, “To Harper, From Connor.”

Harper and her parents thought the card was totally awesome. We were glad she also liked her presents: a “talking” BB8, a BB8 marshmallow treat, and a Frozen book with stickers, all in a reusable Star Wars tote bag. Connor searched Toys R Us to find something she’d like, and I think he did a great job.

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