Did I Really Order This Many Seeds?

Short answer: Yes, I did.

My order from Jung’s Seeds came in today, and that was my first reaction. They did send me two free trial packets — bachelor buttons and muskmelon — but I really did order all eleven other packets. For many gardeners, that’s just a fraction of what they grow… but for me, well, I’m planning to expand my little suggestion of a vegetable garden patch into something a little more substantial. (Note to self: don’t forget to call 8-1-1 beforehand just to be sure you don’t dig too close to any utilities.)

Last year, I had a few varieties of tomatoes, some basil, and eggplant. This year, here’s the rundown of edibles:

Vegetables (New)

Squash, Easypick Green
Muskmelon, Pride of Wisconsin
Tomato, Early Girl
Tomato, SunSugar (yellow cherry)
Carrot, Nelson
Carrot, Bolero
Cucumber, Diamont
Eggplant, Millionaire

Vegetables (2016 or earlier)

Eggplant, Black Beauty
Tomato, Yellow Pear

Herbs (New)

Sage, Broadleaf
Thyme, Winter

Herbs (2016 or earlier)

Basil, Asian, Cinnamon
Basil, Asian, Sweet Thai
Basil, Asian, Siam Queen
Basil, Lemon, Mrs. Burns
Cilantro, Calypso
Dill, Goldkrone
Lemon Balm
Parsley, Titan
Peppers, Paprika, Dulce Rojo

I also ordered a few new ornamentals: zinnias and sunflowers — plus the bonus bachelor buttons — and I have several others I plan to start from previous years’ seeds, like cosmos, miniature hollyhock, cinquefoil, woodland tobacco, foxgloves, sweet peas, and milkweed.

That might be too many. Or, like last year, some might work out and others will fall flat, and I’ll be glad that I started so many different seeds.

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