Keepin’ It Goin’

When I resolved to post something to the blog every day, I didn’t realize how narcissistic and self-serving it would seem some days. Post a thing for everyone to see, every day, whether it’s interesting or not. Whether I’m feeling it or not.

I have a blog post all queued up and ready to go… but I don’t feel like it’s what I want to post today. I’m tired and I just succumbed to an after-dinner uber-snack that made me uncomfortably full, so I’m not into posting an entry called, “Why DO I want to lose weight?”

I’m guessing this is how it is for real writers, too — sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. You just keep on keepin’ on, and eventually something good happens.

If you’re still reading… thanks. And here’s a pic of my kid writing out valentines after dinner to pep up a dull blog entry:

Fun New Glasses!

Took Friday afternoon off work for appointments: dentist, chiropractor, glasses, and picking up my son’s kindergarten registration packet. Fit in a solo lunch at my favorite Chinese-Korean joint (a special treat, since they’re closed on weekends and are nowhere near my work) and a brief camera walk at the Metropark near my house (until the camera battery balked at the cold temps).

I love it when the planets align and I can have a productive and enjoyable afternoon like that.

BTW, in case you can’t see in this pic, the new glasses are sort of a brown and aqua tortoiseshell with a couple bits of straight-up rainbow thrown in. Subtly fun, without being committed to a bright crazy pair of glasses for two years.

2017 Resolutions Check-In

Some of my resolutions and goals I did publicize on the blog, while others were ones I listed in my bullet journal. They’re all totally doable — none of these are unreasonable, and not all of them are ones I need to think about every day.

  • Post daily to blog
  • Cook 50 new-to-me recipes
  • Offload two items of clothing for each one I purchase
  • Create a budget and stick to it
    • Shop Amazon mostly using gift cards earned through my credit card
    • Only shop ThredUp with trade-in credits
    • If it can be mended, don’t buy a new one
  • Return of Photo Thursday – post a photo to the blog weekly

So, how am I doing? In the style of Wil Wheaton’s Life Reboot, I’ll give myself letter grades for each point.  (more…)

Light Meters FTW!

Fujica Half

The weekend started pretty awesome (from a photography standpoint), as my battery adapter from CRIS arrived on Friday. I have at least one camera (the Rollei 35 I just got done testing) and one light meter that both require discontinued mercury batteries, and the WeinCell replacements weren’t working for either. I was way stoked to find that the battery plus adapter worked in both!

So, I attached the accessory-shoe-mount light meter that was now functional to my new-to-me Fujica Half that I got this past week off of eBay. I had tried the selenium (old-school solar cell) light meter right when I first unpacked the Fujica, to no avail. No worries, now that I had a light meter that wasn’t my iPhone, so I took the camera plus light meter to dinner on Saturday. Miraculously (read: yay, science!), the on-board selenium meter woke up after being out and about, and the on-board reading matched the mounted Kalimar meter. Now my Fujica Half is just as awesome as I hoped it would be, since it’s fully automatic with the meter functional.

I am TOTALLY STOKED that I now have two fully working cameras and a mounted light meter, thanks to a new battery adapter and SCIENCE!

Practice Mushroom

Blue Mario Mushroom

This morning, my son was insistent that we make the Super Mario Mushroom he’d been asking about for weeks. I’m not exactly Little Miss Etsy, but I took Home Ec in junior high and sewed my own plushie music note by hand, so I figured I’ve totally got this.

I found this instructable that put me on the right track, and I convinced Connor that we should make a small “practice” mushroom out of the fabric I had on hand, instead of an 18-inch Giant Mushroom.

I showed Connor all the steps involved in sewing a plushie, even though I actually did everything myself. (Since I hadn’t sewn in several years, I wasn’t sure which steps to let Connor help with.) It took about two and a half hours start to finish, but the end result was a perfectly passable practice mushroom. It has a few imperfections, and I learned what not to do next time, but I really enjoyed myself. My son thinks it’s the best thing ever (for today, anyway), and that’s what I was going for in the first place, so arts and crafts time was a rousing success!

Sewing by hand is kind of meditative. I like it. I should do this more often. I’m sure my son would appreciate it. 🙂