1st Sewing Project Successfully Screwed Up

Too-short pillowcase

Well, at least I got that out of the way.

I showed Connor the sewing machine this morning, and he immediately suggested I make a new pillowcase for his Little Pillow, since he somehow lost one of his pillowcases. (In his bedroom. I have no idea.)

I learned a few important things, some of which I already knew:

Ironing is worth it. Necessary, even. It made things go a lot smoother than they might otherwise have gone.

Measure twice, cut once. Actually, make sure to WRITE THE MEASUREMENTS DOWN. Because that’s how I ended up with a short pillowcase: I measured the dimensions, then (supposedly) committed them to memory. What would have worked better would have been to just get one of his other pillowcases and use it as a template.

Also, with cutting: a rotary cutter is most definitely in my future.

Have a full bobbin before starting the work, especially if you do some experimentation and practice runs before starting the real thing, like I did:

Practice zig-zag hems

I ran out of bobbin thread partway through my decorative zig-zag hem, and was confused about how to recover from that. What I ended up doing was starting my sewing from the other end of the fabric after I wound a new bobbin.

Which brings me to my next lesson: always check and recheck all the settings before sewing! While winding the bobbin, I had to twist the stitch length dial to get it out of the way, and I totally forgot to set it back before I started sewing again. D’oh!

So, yeah, basically, this was my chance to mess up, and I did that splendidly. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, I’m free to make some different mistakes next time!


Downtown Photo Walk: December 2016

My five-year-old son’s film camera is a no-name focus-free 35mm camera that my husband got for free years ago. At first it was a toy… but, as it turns out, this little camera takes contrasty, vignetted photos that I really love. So, I’m never hesitant to load up his camera when he asks, because I know he’ll get bored with photographing at some point, and I’ll get to shoot the rest of the roll.

I took the generic blue 35mm on a photo walk downtown back in December. These were the results.


Fujica Half Test Roll

Fujica Half

I learned about the Fujica Half while researching sub-miniature and half-frame cameras online. I don’t recall exactly where I learned about this camera, but I decided I had to have one. After watching eBay for a while, I got one for $46.75 shipped this past January.

It arrived in the mail on a Saturday afternoon. I opened the package like it was Christmastime (except more carefully), and was immediately pleased with the size and heft of the camera. It didn’t look like the built-in selenium light meter was responsive, though, which was a bummer. No worries — I’d just forked over some money-well-spent for a battery adapter for cameras and accessories that were build to use mercury batteries, so my Kalimar accessory shoe light meter would serve me well. I was so excited, I loaded up the camera and took it to dinner to try it out.

Fujica Half

In the car en route to our favorite Vietnamese joint, I realized that the needle in the viewfinder was moving, and the on-board meter was functional. I compared the readings between all three meters — the Light Meter app on my iPhone, the Kalimar, and the selenium cell meter — and they all read 1/30 sec at f/2.8 indoors. (Which is admittedly on the low end of not needing a tripod, but I was anxious to start shooting with this little camera, so I took a chance.)

Fujica Half Test Roll
[Taken 21 January 2017]

Fujica Half Test Roll
[Taken 21 January 2017]

Food Truck Thursdays

Old Glory

I brought my Sears 35 RF to Levis Square today, to finish off the roll of slide film I’d started this past weekend at the park with Connor. I only had six shots left, so once the roll was done, I took a few more with my iPhone.


I also enjoyed a $5 lunch from Nacho Daddy’s: two pork tamales and one barbacoa taco with everything. The taco was worth what I paid for it, but nothing special; the tamales, on the other hand, were much more moist and flavorful than most I’ve tried.

Lunch from Nacho Daddy's

I’ve really enjoyed wandering amongst the Lunch at Levis Square crowd these past couple of weeks. The food trucks and concerts are scheduled weekly through the end of September, and I think I’m going to plan to photograph at every one, so maybe I’ll eventually be That Redheaded Lady With The Camera to all the downtown folks.

That Redheaded Lady with a Camera