One Year Ago

As Erk reminded me a few days ago, Aaron and I moved into our house exactly one year ago Monday.

I still wish I’d kept the digital camera handy during the move, so I could have taken pictures of the perfectly-packed 24-foot giant U-Haul, or the inside of our empty apartment, or the all-volunteer moving crew at their complimentary Easystreet lunch.

I do have some other pictures of interest, though:

Our house, at inspection time (February 2004)

The aftermath of getting the U-Haul stuck in the mud across the street from our new house

Our living room, after we got the furniture in place, one year before we got the widescreen TV

So, yeah. Happy one year in the house to us! (Only 29 more years of house payments to go…)

Sleepy Mei

I’ve gone entirely too long without posting a cute Mei pic. So, here you go: Mei looking all sleepy on the chair in the living room, sometime last month.

Family Portrait, Christmas 2004

Diana, Aaron, and Mei || Minolta X370s
Mei was unimpressed with the annual Christmas portrait experience, and refused to sit still until the self-timer would fire. Afterward, of course, she was content to lounge by the presents.

Diana, Aaron, and Mei || Minolta X370s
Here’s an alternate version, with some artsy color tricks. Nothing fancy, but it adds a little something different. Skin tones still aren’t quite right, but… *shrug* Artistic license? Sure…

Sunrise, mid-January

I went out to the car to head off to work one morning in mid-January, and was met with this fabulous sunrise. It was one of those moments when I was glad the Lomo was in my purse.