Aaron With Iced Coffee and iPhone

Aaron With Iced Coffee and iPhone
[Taken 9 July 2011 | exposure unrecorded | ISO 200 | 50mm]

I took some test photos with my new-to-me Praktica Super TL1000 during the beginning of July. Thanks to a massive (read: not artistic in the slightest) light leak that rendered many of the photos unusable, this was one of the best images that came out of the 24 exposures. I suspect that it had something to do with the failing sealant foam; I may try some camera surgery in the future to see if I can manage the light leak without resorting to mummifying the camera in gaffer’s tape, a la my Holgamod.

Apart from the light leak, I really do like the look of the photos that come from this camera. I seem to have cleaned the camera well enough, despite feeling super sketchy (almost naughty, even) about actually touching its interior. After scanning the images, I couldn’t tell what dust was from the camera and what was from my scanner, which tells me I must have done OK. (Hope I didn’t cause the light leak during cleaning…!)

My Praktica will definitely stay in the collection for a while — someday I’ll come back to it and fix its light leak(s) and take it for another spin.

Update: I found a topic in the Praktica group on Flickr that details where the light leak is coming from. I was right: I did inadvertently cause it (or make it worse) during cleaning, when I scraped some old foam off of the back hinge. Once I replace that foam, my East German axe should be right as rain.

The Anthony Wayne Bridge

Anthony Wayne Bridge
[Taken 24 Feb 2011 | ISO 400 | 50mm | Kodak 110 film]

A.K.A. The “High-Level Bridge,” downtown Toledo. Another shot from my Pentax Auto 110.

While researching this camera online, I’ve learned something important: since the manufacture of 110 film cartridges was never standardized, film manufacturers could choose whether or not to remove a notch on the cartridge that some cameras (including this one) used to identify film speed. Since the camera misreads the 400 speed that I use, and exposes it like 100 speed, all my photos are slightly overexposed.

When I test my wide-angle lens, I plan to manually remove the notch on the film cartridge and see if that makes a difference in the exposure.

Starbucks Product

Starbucks Product
[Taken 30 January 2011]

This was the first outing for the Ricoh 35FM, and I enjoyed photographing with it. I ended up with some good photos, but no really amazing ones. That was partially on purpose; I tend to avoid taking unique shots on a test roll, just because I’m not sure if anything will even come out. I should probably rethink my philosophy there…

Overall thoughts: This camera is very automatic, except for the focus and film speed. I might take it places where I’d be hesitant to take my Lomo LC-A (since it’s getting older and slightly fragile), but not if it involved very low-light situations. Indoors by a window = OK. Indoors by lamplight = not OK.

Share The Road

Share The Road
[Taken 24 January 2011]

The last roll of film I took with this camera was back in 2005, and that test roll wasn’t terribly successful. This one was much more so, and I’ve decided that I do, in fact, like my Brownie Bullet.

Read on for more commentary and photos…

Ghostly Conversation

Ghostly Conversation
[Taken 25 Dec 2010 | 5 seconds @ f/cloudy (~f/8)]

Brought my new Diana Mini to Christmas in Cleveland; thankful that it has a long exposure setting for these indoor photos. More images from the initial Diana Mini test roll are posted on my Flickr.

Next roll, I’m going to use the half-frame setting instead of the square setting, and I’ll try to take more shots in brighter light. Not sure what I think of the trademark “dreamy focus,” but I do think I like my new little camera.