Holga Roll #1

True to my word, I didn’t capture any amazing photos with my first roll of Holga film. I did manage to puzzle out 1.) how to load the bastard thing, and 2.) how to guesstimate the focus (and I thank the Lomo for prior help with that).

It also appears that the camera is, at least for now, free of major light leaks. That may change as time goes on, and the camera receives more abuse. 🙂 It’s also apparent from the photo above that the center of the image is indeed crisper than the edges, and that there is a noticeable amount of vignetting around the corners. I did use the flash, though, which might have added to the effect.

Overall, I think I’m pleased with my Holga.

Now I need to go ship off my three rolls of Lomo film and my one roll of Holga film from the 4th of July.

First Lomography Attempt

The roll of Lomo film I sent off to Snapfish has been developed, and the pics are up on their site. After seeing some of the crap other “lomographers” have produced, I was apprehensive about what my first roll was going to look like. But, as it turns out, I’m actually pretty pleased with the results.

To show you what the Lomo difference looks like, I’ve restrained myself from editing these photos at all—no color correction, no adjustments. I specifically requested that Snapfish make no color corrections to the prints, either. It goes against every digital instinct I have, letting these photos keep their flourescent green caste, but I’m doing it for the good of the order. Let me know what you think…