My first #hobonichi entry with text AND a sketch AND a photo. It would look so much cooler if I knew kanji, though.


Red Flower With Yellow Center, May 2013

Red Flower In May

[Taken 9 May 2013]

This currently unidentified red flower peony Alexander Woolcott bloomed before I could get my landscaper in to help identify all the plants and flowers on my property. The long leaves in the foreground belong to this plant; the wider ones in the back are the hollyhocks’ leaves (long before they bloomed).

It got cut to the ground with the rest of the perennials during the fall cleanup, so hopefully it comes back next Spring so I can try to figure out what it is. I really liked it.

Update, 12/30: I Googled double red flower yellow center to find images that looked like the above, and I’m 95% sure this is peony Alexander Woolcott. Given the number of other peonies on the property, I’m not surprised.

Pink Peonies, June 2013


[Taken 1 June 2013]

Another in a series of Photo Friday remembrances of springtime. The blooms are short-lived, but for those few weeks, my fences are abloom with peonies of pink and white.

Perhaps next year I’ll try saving some of the buds in the fridge and see if they really will “hibernate” and bloom a few weeks out-of-season when put in a vase.

First Bouquet of Spring, April 2013

Hyacinth Bouquet

[Taken 19 April 2013]

Planning to get through the barren days of winter by reliving my first Spring in my new home. These hyacinths (pink, purple, and grape) came up in April in the flower bed along the back of the house.

Next Spring, after they bloom and die back, I plan to transplant them to the front fence in an effort to further beautify the flower beds that actually face the road.

One stump is a pokeberry I wanted gone; one is a raspberry I wanted to keep. Come spring, I’ll know which is which.


Growing Garlic (Part One)

This will be a tale told in multiple parts — partly because it’s lengthy, and I want to be sure not to leave anything out, but also because it’s a tale that is not yet complete.

The short-short version: my house gave me garlic!

The longer version: I had spent all spring since our early-April move in amazement at all the plants and flowers that were coming up in my flower beds. Multiple varieties of hyacinth, daffodils and narcissus, a tree peony and herbaceous peonies, several rosebushes, chives, allium, daylilies… I could keep going. So, when these interesting little curly-cues started emerging from my flower beds in late June, I was curious but unsurprised to see something else I didn’t recognize.

Garlic Topset

Sarah, one of my Instagram followers, commented, “I might be crazy, but I bet if you pull one of those up you’ll find a garlic bulb at the other end. ;)”

So, I did a little research, and sure enough, it looked like I was growing hardneck garlic!