Dear Connor: Month Thirty-One

Oh, Connor. We were having such a nice month. You were napping more often, tantruming less often, and generally becoming such a big boy.

Then, two days ago, you painted your walls in poo.


I know the rest of the month wasn’t so bad, but Wednesday’s incident is kind of hard to forget.

I guess we should talk about that first, and get it out of the way.

Dear Connor: Month 30

Two words: Nap strike.

For those first couple of days with the toddler bed, you did great. Quiet time eventually ended up with a nap happening, even if a few things got strewn about your room in the process and you fell asleep on the floor. Once you realized the level of freedom you had been granted, though, all bets were off.

We have now removed your baby monitor, throw rug, and humidifier from the room; relocated your bookshelf, diapers, wooden turtle stool, and most of your stuffed animal friends to the closet; moved your sheets from Aaron’s Dad’s dresser to the big dresser in your closet; and Daddy has to move your Diaper Champ into the hallway during Quiet Time, or you’ll drag it across the room, just because you can.

Dear Connor: Month 26

First things first. We took you to two specialists this month: an allergist and an ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT).

The allergist had his nurses poke your back with things you might be allergic to, like ragweed and pet dander and mold and dust mites. They also poked your arm with egg to check that. Sure enough, you’re allergic to eggs — and you’re mildly allergic to cats, which explains the constant runny nose.

Allergy Test

Dear Connor: Month 25

Dear Connor,

I wasn’t sure at first if I’d keep writing you these monthly missives, but you still change so much so fast that I’m afraid I’ll forget something if I stop writing everything down. The last two years are such a blur that sometimes I refer back to my own blog to remember what happened when.

The thing that’s on the forefront of Mommy’s mind right now is your health. You don’t have a scary disease or anything — it’s just all the little, normal illnesses that toddlers get. Since you have a family history of allergies and ear infections, it just makes things more interesting.

Evening with a Fever

Dear Connor: Month 24

Dear Connor,

You’re two years old!

Blue Frosting Face

You’re such a big boy, compared to even just a few months ago. Of course, you’re still little — you don’t go potty yet, and you can’t always say exactly what you mean — but there are constant little glimmers of the big boy you’ll grow up to be.