I took a break from posting daily to the blog when I decided that pulling something notable out of my ass before I went to bed at night just wasn’t worthwhile. As usual, I have a backlog of relevant topics to write about — my son’s Pre-K graduation, my monthly “weight loss” update, various camera tests from months ago — but I just can’t get enthused enough to sit down and blog.

My son has regressed to getting up several times a night after lights out (we had been down to once max). That irritates me at a very vulnerable point in my evening: I’m winding down and anticipating those glorious 90 minutes of my day that belong only to me. When that time is interrupted, I get cranky and I yell and I eat and I don’t do anything I had wanted to do because now I seriously am not in the mood and fuck it all anyway I’m gonna watch Good Eats and mess around on my phone instead.

(Edit: I also somehow smashed my right index finger when I turned off the bathroom faucet after my son left it running, and my legs are way stiff and sore after yesterday’s 20-minute slow-ass run for the first time in nearly a year, plus did I mention I’ve gained like ten pounds in the last year, so I’m uncomfortable and my clothes don’t fit right.)

On top of that, now I’ve got a hair up my ass to update my professional website so it actually reflects my current skillset, instead of what I did ten years ago. If I can’t make time to fart around on my personal blog, how am I going to squeeze in PHP coding to surface visualizations based on relevant Google Sheets data?

What the hell is up with me? I don’t know.

*checks menstrual calendar app*

Well, fuck. Yeah, I guess I do know. And being told you’re PMSing by your phone is only mildly less irritating than being told (or having it ever so gently suggested) by your significant other.

Work meeting first thing in the morning, so I’d better wrap this up so I can lay awake for an hour, exhausted, like I have for three of the last seven days.

License Renewal

I’ve had more than one person do a double-take at my driver’s license photo lately. It’s just as well it was coming up for renewal.

I remembered before my birthday that my renewal was this year — then I forgot again, until yesterday.

My birthday was April 22nd. Oops.

As it turns out, you have up to six months after expiration in the State of Ohio before they make you retake the driving test. Not sure how the police would react if I got pulled over with an expired license… but now I don’t have to find out.

I loved my experience at the Downtown License Bureau so much that I left them a four-star review on Yelp. A+ would renew again. The whole visit took five minutes, ten tops. I wasn’t really timing it, but it was superfast.

My hair is now officially red instead of brown (guess I’m keeping up with this dye job for a while), my height is one inch shorter, my weight is ten pounds less, and my license doesn’t expire until my son is finishing up the third grade.

Now that’s some perspective.

I Know I’m Tall, But…

I look ridiculous in this shirt.

The product photo on the left is straight from the Wish app, which lets consumers buy ultra-cheap goods from China.

On the right, Yours Truly, at 5’9″, seriously wondering a) if this is even the same shirt that’s pictured, and b) if so, how short is this model?! I bought an XL (I wear a Large in U.S. sizes), and while it almost fits in the shoulders, it is comically short on my long torso.

I’ve contacted the seller via the Wish app to request a refund. I successfully was refunded by another seller the last time I bought something that didn’t fit, so I have high hopes. I only paid $5.70 + $3 shipping, though, so even if they decided not to refund my money, it wouldn’t break me.

So far, I’ve returned two out of the three items of clothing I’ve bought on Wish. I think I’ve learned my lesson: stick to knock-off Pokemon tchotchkes and other non-clothing purchases.

Hat tip to my bestie Amy for letting me know about this app! You evil ho.


Some evenings, all I want is to kick back and watch some Good Eats.

Sure, I had other stuff planned, like uploading some photos and packing up some shoes to return, but none of it was urgent.

My son didn’t get up after lights out (for the second night in a row! w00t w00t!), and I enjoyed a carefully planned after-dinner snack and a decaf with two episodes of my favorite TV show.

(Well, I mean, not my ALL-TIME favorite… I can’t diss Next Gen like that… but it’s my favorite at the moment… even though it’s been off the air for years. Hooray for Amazon Video.)

Anywho, tonight just felt like one of those nights where I wanted to chill instead of being productive. And I’m OK with that.

Digital Clutter

I have years and years of documents, projects, photos, and music stored on my two external hard drives.

I probably haven’t opened 75% of these files in the past two years.

Nowadays, when I have a few minutes to an hour to sit at my home PC and do some “work” — post-processing photos, mostly, either for uploading to Flickr and the blog or to print for my photo album — sometimes I find that I can’t find what I’m looking for.

All I wanted to do was to print a couple of collages I’d put together a few months back. (I’m printing multiple photos on one page, as an experiment, laid out like you’d see on Flickr with the photos resized so they fit nicely in even rows.)

I couldn’t find my damn Photoshop files.

Had I saved them in their own Project folder? Did I put them on the Desktop, since I knew I’d be accessing them soon? How about just in the folder with the other photos from the fair?

I finally did find them, and got them uploaded to print. In the process, I discovered how hopelessly behind I am in printing individual photos for the family photo album.

I need a new process. We live in this highly mobile era where I can (and sometimes do) order prints straight from my iPhone, yet I also want to print film photos and photos from my Nikon, and keep them all in chronological order in the photo album (mostly).

I can’t make myself prioritize clearing digital clutter over clearing physical clutter, though. I’m bad with both, honestly, and it comes from not putting things in their place as soon as possible — or not having a place designated for the thing, and just putting it somewhere for now.

All I know is that clutter is frustrating, whether it be physical or digital, and it keeps me from being efficient at whatever I’m trying to accomplish. I’m seriously going to just have to carve out some time to deal with the clutter.

All of it.

12 Things That Are Always In My Refrigerator

In my fridge

Our favorite supermarket stopped carrying Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese a couple weeks ago. It’s such a staple in our fridge that we looked at a different store for it this past week, to no avail — Aaron had to buy that store’s brand of fat-free cream cheese, instead.

It got me to thinking about the things we always keep in our fridge. I think this probably went around as some sort of meme years ago, but now I present to you, just for shits and giggles and in no particular order, twelve things we always have in our fridge (at least, right after grocery shopping).  (more…)

2017 Resolutions: Q1 Review

In the I’ve Got This column: posting daily to my blog (only missed once), posting weekly photos to said blog, trying new recipes, and going easy on the clothes shopping.

In the Needs Work column: sticking to a budget, and shopping Amazon with mostly reward points.

I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who really cares about the deets on these, but if you’re interested, read on.  (more…)